Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Best Day Of My Life!!

Hey everyone!!

B4 I start..hehe...please do me a favor! do remember of today!! yes i'm serious! haha...remember this day coz it has changed's the 23 of August... most of the contents of today's blog would be censored..hehehe...there are reasons la...hahaha

Kay today's agenda is:
-Go Pyramid with Lillian & Friends!
-Watch Movie!
-Watch Another Movie!!
-P***o** ** *******
-Have a great Time!


Well I met Lillian's Friends there...where they were quite funny...sorry to say this but its really funny!! hahaa...this is what really happen..haha...

btw i'm not using their real names just to make sure they have their privacy...hahahah

Girl 1 : Wah ,Hot Guy!! quick turn around!!! NOW!!!
Girl 2 : Fine Fine...hehe....
Girl 1 : Wait a sec...he looks like that guy we all know rite....hahaha
Girl 2 : Hahaha!!
Ben : ? (Blur) fine i'll turn around...
Girl 3 : Ya hor...he does look like the guy we know... hahahaha
Girl 1 : See i told u!! hahaha
Girl 2: (chuckle) hehehe
Girl 1 : Turn around again!!! quick hahaha!!
Girl 3 : hahahaha!!
Girl 2 : hahahaha!!
Ben : ?? (confused) ha-ha-ha?
Girl 1,2 and 3: HAHAHAHA!!

Kay every 1 u get the picture in d conversation? haha
Every sentence ends with a "hahaha"
* This story is 100% True!! *

haha well u know what happened la...hahaha

so let me see...we watched Click! yup...recomended for Couples to watch!
I took the 12.20 show with Lillian.. Although our seats were not the best..i could tell that she enjoyed the show..hehe..

Well the rest of the day was about the was great...

GTG everyone... seeya!

pS: Unforgettable!

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