Sunday, August 13, 2006

A New Begining! haha

Today is one of the Greatest Days i've ever had...its like a day to Cool off... after what happened yesterday...hehe

I woke up at 7.50 with a blur face facing my bedside clock just wondering for a minute what to do for the day... and it Sparked my mind! haha...was going to meet Lillian at the Field..hehe... so..i quickly went off to the shower and cleaned my self well coz actually to be serious..i was sweating while i was sleeping...well it should be some mighty dream..muahaha!!

so left the house with a small packed bag and went off to the field where i sat down with some of my friends where most of them thanked me for saving their phones! haha...well.. its fine guys...
hehe..awhile later! THERE SHE WAS! Lillian! haha....she started playing abit of bkb...where i just watched awhile then both of us went to the restaurant near d field just to get a drink or 2..hehe... Both of us were talking and Laughing alot till the shop owner gave me a weird stare for like 5 seconds...hahaha...that was actually scary...haha...although it was a short time..i did have a great time...hehe...walked her back to the bkb court to make sure she's safe..hehe...

Although i missed an hour of training...we did have fun and i mean it...alot of fun..haha...
it was worth it! Thanks Lill :)

Well after d afternoon i went out with my mom and sis to my cousin's house...its her 9th bday! haha...there were soo many cute kids!! arrr!!! haha too cute!! haha....Happy Birthday Kim Kim!!hahaha...spent time just blowing balloons for the kids..and making sure they dont was just sooo great...hahaha..

Other than the kids! YEA!! U GUESSED IT!!! HAHA..

F O O D ! ! !
there were 3 type of Pizzas!! yea!! hahaa....face that everyone!! more than my bday... sob sob....hahaha

so i did what i usually do best...EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT....HAHAHA!

when we reached home at about 6 pm..we had to get ready to go out for another dinner at Uncle George's place (D'Tavern) its one Kick ass place! hahaha...

Ps: the photos were all taken by the N90 camera! yea! (photos on the right!)

but sadly...i was too full to consume any more.... waa!! its also my favourite dish...Seafood Platter....waaaa...with crabs! and Prawns and Fish....arr!!! i was too full allready!! hahaha..i wish we were like cows...haha! 5 stomachs!! hahaa..

So i played my laptop at the restaurant as they have Wi-fi (wireless internet)

played for quite a while and took quater a glass of wine!! hahaha
sorry Lill!!! could not tahan!! but its alittle too sweet tasting Grape juice...hahaha..i mean it pure grape juice! hahaha...

while i was there Uncle George's son Andy..hooked me up on a web site called! haha..funny name for a web page...but its cool...u can see all the prices for about anything u would ever want!!

and i checked out some hand phones at its a webpage showing all the phones in d world!! haha..where it got me thinking! i've got to update my self!! haha...
so N91 OR N93 OR N73?
HAHAHA each phones have their good and bads...hahaha 93 is too expensive...73 looks like crap
and 91 has a sucky u all have any comments on the phone please do tell me ...kay?

thats all for now... my day was one of the best i've ever had yet...hahaha...

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