Thursday, December 20, 2007

~Christmas Is Coming =3~

Shopping for christmas goodies!


Well Christmas was on the way… and well… I was running outta time…

What was running through my mind?

  1. what to get for stephie =/
  2. what to wear for the dinner?
  3. what in the world is going on in my mind!?

It took me quite awhile to get to the point

where I finally made the decision that I would be buying

what I need or in that case what she needs(or wants)…


I went out with tom ….

(outing with tom happen few days before Pavilion)

(yesh that's tom alright)

YESH tom… my school buddy to tag along to be


trustee advisor…


Yup advisor in gifts… and well all didn’t turn out well…

As my original plan to shop was to purchase a gift for Stephie that she seen last time… =3

I drove off to Midvalley where parked at the SAME parking space

And I eventually walked into the SAME shop

Where I hope I could buy the SAME dress for stephie….


SADLY…. Nooooo….

They were outta stock….

*plans failed*

*lay in ruins*


With all my actions above…

I asked my advisor…

Yesh yesh

My advisor… and the 1st thing that came to his mind was….



Tom…. Seriously… u’r fired….hahahaha

(please don't attack me tom)


But after that I called stephie at night…

Eek… I notice I did the worst of decision making in my life…


And well…

All my problems…

were technically solved with the help of out trip to



*giggles away*

And of coz! It ended happily!

We found the same shop and well…

We got the dress.. =3


Enjoy the photos everyone!

(classic-ness of christmas)
(Leka Leka) =3Sandra & Shennie =3

Benji and Stephie=D

Nice decorations =3 ahh...
Da Sisters =3
what can i say?
Seen it in the news papers huh? =3
Jin-jin , Sandra & Stephie

Starhill =3
Us AGAIN... =3

ps : Missing Person named Darren! seen to be escaping pictures! this is a picture last taken of him!


Warning he is believed to be very very afraid of the cameras!

hahahaha =3

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