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The Great Plan... =3

Hey everyone…



Its been a little while since I suppose to update…

Was a little pissed with my own mistakes of typing errors that made me click the wrong things a lot lately..



It Was Darling Stephie's Birthday! =3


I still remember it as it were yesterday.. =3

The night went pretty great as I could see the tears of joy in her eyes .

Where she told me

Steph : You told me you wouldn’t embarrass me in front of a lot of people…

Ben : *giggles*

Its was still a happy birthday! =3

So it all took a few weeks before that.. =3

Say 2 weeks before the party… I was being myself till I remembered that her birthday isn’t really that far away…hahaha

So what should I do, you ask? Hahaha

Create party!!

Ohh yea!!


So I went online and waited for like an hour for Stephie’s bestie so I could ask her about it.. =3

Btw she’s Kristine..hahaha… =3

Everyone… hold on for a second… I’ve got some actions to apply….

Now while typing I’m in my room..

and there’re cats outside fighting….

I’ll be right back…

(after 20 minutes)

I just resolved my problems… just killed the cat… with a sledge hammer… and I’m serious…believe me.. its fun… go try it out…


back to where I was… yeap.. kristine…

Was wondering what if I told her to help me with the planning of the surprise party…

So we thought of the places we could bring her too..hahaha

Places such as TGI , her house! And finally Secret Recipe!

Well… one of our conversation was like this..

Ben : hey hey… so about steph’s birthday! Party!?

Kristine : oh yea! No problem!

Ben : so how would we do this?

Kristine : woohoo!! PARTY !

Ben : okay… so well… how about cake at her place?

Kristine : then u bring her go out like a normal date...
then for dinner we surprise her sumwhere or sumthing

Ben : okay… but remember to include her sister

Kristine : why I decide? U decide! U d bf…

Ben : u her bestie

Kristine : u bf!

So well the planning went ahead… ahahaha…

inviting stephie’s close friends to secret recipe

where everyone would meet there at about 7 pm then I’ll bring stephie back in…


Well to get things straight I’ve had to get multiple things to straighten things up… such as calls and stuff…hahaha…

But with all this planning…

Who wouldn’t suspect that stephie would get so close to guessing it… tee hee


Reasons we gave to lure her mind off the topic :

  1. Ben’s having an affair with Sandra (her sister)
  2. The Great Plan
  3. Dinner at some Fancy restaurant
  4. romantic getaway to some where secluded (really made her look so happy)
  5. arr...arrr.....Wanna go shopping?! Hahaa

I was kinda scared that the information would leak..hahaha

But anyway the day came…

I woke up at about 8 am.. to pack my stuff, and pick stuff up before heading to stephie’s place! =3

The things that I got her were some flowers =3 , electric fan , and well the thoughts of a secret plan! Teehee! Aha!


Reaching the house I was like =3 she’s still sleepy?! Oh well…hahaha

So I drove to midvalley and surprisingly it seemed to be the luckiest day… there were so many parking spaces and it was so simple to walk around…

Getting the tickets for the movie was also surprisingly easy… =3


(there's something about the christmas tree) =P

We watched Enchanted =3

And well.. I recommend the movie for couples.. =3

It’s a little romantic + fairytale + comedy kinda movie =3

With a twist! Hahaha

But we didn’t get any popcorn….


Sob sob… *sniff*


Well as I was being a typical guy… (I got hungry after the movie)


Its normal I tell ya….

Tell me or find me a guy that would not stuff something in this mouth for 4 hours and still look okay…

believe me… you’ll never find one …hahahaha.

And if you do…

well… I can bet when he reaches home

he would be rushing towards the kitchen for a snack! Teehee! =3

so we went to try something that stephie has been telling me about…hahaha


sweet chocolate goodness...


(cupcake : if u get one... you'll crave for another)

Warning : Super Fat! =3

(juice : We violently squeeze the fruit until there is nothing left, It's almost disturbing)

*drops on d floor and starts rolling around*


But well… that would never be enough… but fattening yes…. Enough no….hahaha… so we both walked up to where we has our first date….sushi king! =3


All the memories came back laughing at the cheekiness that took place in the restaurant hahaha!

We walked around midvalley and headed to the gardens to feast our eyes…



It was around 6 at the gardens…

Where in my mind… I was wondering :

  1. are they there yet?
  2. did the secret get out?
  3. am I in trouble?
  4. did they get the cake?
  5. who’s making the call?
  6. why am in a panic state?
  7. wow nice coat… can I fit in it? (while walking passed some shop)
  8. I hope everyone back there would hurry up…I’m running outta juice!

Well.. we walked and finally I said:

Ben : darling? Can we take a seat?

Steph : hmmm? Oh okay…

Ben : *sits* ahhh

Steph : Tired aren’t ya?

Ben : yea…. =3

Steph : so do you wanna leave yet?

Ben : where? Oooo! Yea yea… nah… we’ll wait… I made reservations for say… hmmm… 8 pm?

Steph : ah.. okay… I guess its fine

Ben : *tries not to give out secret*

(we started taking photos)



Stephie’s phone rings! Yay!


Btw I adapted this convo from stephie’s blog


Jin Rui aka Sandra's Bestie : STEPH! WHERE ARE YOU?

Steph aka Sandra's Sister : arh, i'm in midvalley. WHY?

JIN: Sandra's NOT feeling well!


JIN: She's all PALE. And I think... I THINK she's about to FAINT!

STEPH: WHAT...?!!! (other loungers were staring at her, i was looking at her in panic)




STEPH: What about YOUR parents?!


STEPH: YOUR BROTHERS? *getting desperate*




While that conversation took place

I was laughing inside like a little boy! I was like YES! SHE DIDN’T FIND OUT!! HAHAHAH! YAY!

The moment she stared at me I was like…” OKAY… LETS GO” =/


The moment was priceless…

And on the way home I went…

“ stephie?.. is it okay arr.. if I go collect the cake 1st? hmmm? =3

At secret recipe in sg long… please?”

She was like… Sandra!?


Then I said just a quickie? Please?


She went oh okay….

So as I parked the car…. The feeling of nervousness went through my veins!


Just before walking the steps.. I saw stephie’s parents! Hahaha I went covers on her eyes!!

But it was too late we went in and she saw her parents with her extremely confused looks…hahahaha!

And suddenly!



Tears of joy!

And she said "i TOLD u NOT to embarrassed me infront of the crowd!"

Giggles all her friends came out!

All of us at secret recipe! =3=3

And she actually thought that some of them forgotten her birthday! Hahaha

It was priceless…

Guess she was really happy on that day…


Happy Birthday Stephie Darling.. =3

Well I was really happy that everything went well…


And well we added another agenda right after dinner… =3

And we traveled to The Eye on Malaysia.. =3

It was a little disappointing for us who has super high expectation. it was a lil boring but hey, we had fun taking photos! =3

Smiles.. =P
weee.. =3
Stephie and Sandra =3
Darren.. =3
Stephie and Sandra =3 the sisters =D

acting as lalas...hahaha =3
teapot and cup!

Smiles =)

The both of us... =3

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