Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!! =3

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


Every year

well… at least most of the years

I’ve been updating about what a wonderful Christmas I had!

But compared to every single one that I had

this is definitely



(the both of us =3)

On the 24th of December!

I was on my way to pick shennie up from her place! =3

(shennie =3 looking simple and wonderful)

Honestly I was nervous!

(=3 my nervous look)

For multiple reasons!!

For instance! It’s the very first time shennie’s gonna meet my parents! Eek!


We reached home at almost say… hmmm 2pm?

Where my parents were there and just being casual as usual =3


There was something fishy going on…..

My parents just said “HI” to me!! Eek!

It means!

Oh noooo!




*batman music plays behind*

Delivery boy Ben! A.k.a DBB!

As it is Christmas day… the obvious thing to deliver is


In my mind I was like “ mom… paa…. My girlfriend is here… please let me be free 4 awhile”

But I ended up bringing her for a tour around the Bah Kut Teh Capital ! (Klang la!!)

I headed on to our usual place for turkeys to pick it up! Yesh its Uncle George’s Tavern! =3

3 turkeys seem a lot?

Honestly noo….

I saw dad’s friend with 8 birds in the car! Eek!

*faints into a coma*

We Took the whole evening till it was about hmmm…


We got ourselves ready for the dinner… =3

And honestly she looked beautiful that night =3 *blush*

(how we looked like before the dinner)

I drove to D’Tavern for our dinner… and surprisingly the place is



For the Noisy band! Eesh….

Without them and maybe a few Christmas songs would make us feel as tho we’re not in Malaysia!

(the flash blinded me)


(look at the steak.. doesn't it make you drool?)

Ps: The food was fantastic!

Don’t trust me? Check out star newspaper on the 30th of December! Hahaha =3

We traveled along the road and ended at my school’s gate area.. =3

Just sitting…




It was 12.05am… I was becoming alittle down… because there was no fireworks!

But suddenly! Behind me!! Hahahaha

There it was!!

I quickly turned the car around and headed for the fireworks! =3

When I found the perfect spot to watch the fireworks!

*the grumbles in the skies became quiet*



*runs around*

But Steph was happy still =3 so I guess it’s all fine =3

On the next day that was Christmas day =3

shennie and i headed to her grandma's place for the little gathering that was really fun (food!!!!waaaa)

(me with my blur look)

(Christmas Log!)

(roy and i being childish)
(Stephie Darling and I)

Finaly My Christmas presents!!

1. Some Goodies =3
2. A missing chocolate bar! from Aunty Li Pei
(sorry no picture i ate it)

3. A key chain from Roy's mom =3

4. A Nike Bag from Darling Stephie XD

the last prezzie and the best one!
5. Darlin Stephie! =3
(all wrapped with a ribbon! teehee)

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