Friday, May 02, 2008

Advice ~ Is it really that hard?

Hey everyone!
Well this question has been posted to me since March!
I categorized this post after reading and collecting 12 questions..
(from 12 people =D)

The Question is "Is a relationship a hard thing to maintain? How do I improve it?"

Well in our world today...
NOT surprisingly a lot of people think that a relationship
is a really hard thing to maintain. But honestly, the feeling of being able
to accomplish a long lasting relationship is one of the most satisfying thing a person could do.

But from here, I shall take my relationship as an example
for all of you couples out there.

I won't lie and say , It's been all fun and games through the relationship
because that's not the whole truth,
but I will say that I would not change a single thing
that we have been through.

I strongly believe that you only get out what you put in.
Cause as I've said many times relationships are all about give and take.
Just like everything else in life, if you don't work at it,
don't expect it to fall on your lap.

I don't know about you but I have NEVER in my life
seen something great/wonderful being given to
anyone whom has not put any effort at all!

Have You?

The biggest thing here is that
in order to improve your relationship
Believe me...
Improving your relationship you only need to
do little things once in a while and
that's what makes the biggest difference..
This could mean from buying a diamond ring to
just giving your loved one a simple weed...

This is because, I do believe that the harder you work at it,
and the bigger effort you put into it,
the better the results would be.

But remember, all it takes is not running a mile long
cause all it really takes is just simple baby steps ,
to make a world of difference.

I could sit here today telling you all about what ways you should take to improve your relationship, but what this post today is really all about one thing....
and one thing only...

And that everyone, is to Keep It Simple to start
and the rest of it will Fall Into Place.


ps: Hope this post helps a lot.

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