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Advice ~ You can only Make a leader...

Hey everyone!
today's post would be on a few questions
I've received from a lot of people about myself....

6 on questioned e-mails...
and about 20 +- on MSN and things like that...

Well today's post would be on

How To Be A Great Leader...

Lately in my life's recent years,
I shall not tell lies and disagree about people
looking up to me as their role model.

These days, there is not a single leader u
could find in our time that is born that way.

Most of them just rise up to the challenge and
stand out among the crowd.

What i can say here is there are many leaders out there..
But The question now is , Is He An Effective Leader?

Most of my friends used to say,
Ben..How did you manage to do all of this?
Most of them say that i am really good with what i do...
But the truth is everyone can be a leader
all it takes is hardwork and determination for it..

and I'm no great leader
Remember not everyone is perfect.

Anyway, with the help of 3 people and 1 source
I've Listed 8 important Leadership qualities
that most leaders should have.

1. High Energy.
2. Walk the Talk.
3. Courage.
4. Dedication.
5. Focused.
6. Personal Ethics
7. Calm under Pressure.
8. Caring

Let me begin with the 1st point.

1. High Energy.
A great leader should not ever be exhausted
from dealing with his/her daily issues.
These people know the right from wrong
and what should benefit all around him to ensure constant progress.
If a leader has high energy he would indirectly
provide a strong morale stance to his or her fellow companions.

2. Walk the Talk.
Every leader has priorities, but the main question here is
does He/She sets their primary goal to be that Single Priority?
In example , a bad leader would say "I shall make my country Green"
but during his/her term there is an increase in deforestation.
If a leader does not walk the talk , he/she would loose all trust from his/her men.
Because the difference between setting priorities
and doing them is the difference between a dreamer and a doer.

3. Courage.
In a leaders life, there is always an occation where the leader himself,
has to take risks and accept responsibility the the outcome of his decisions,
even if the outcome is deemed a disaster.
Either you control your fears,
or let your fears control everything you do.
Because if you are leading a group, you should understand
that group would be no better than the leader himself that is You.

4. Dedication.
A leader, no matter the background would be the foundation to his group.
If a leader puts in commitment and hard work into his actions on his group,
regardless of whom his group is , standard and experience,
His commitment and dedication in it would shape and create
a group of similar rank of the leader himself.

5. Focused.
Great leaders have the goal orientation to make tough decisions.
He/She should have focused goals and strive to complete it in any circumstances.
A focused leader would produce the drive and energy,
that would shield them from the pain at task.
Having a focused leader WILL greatly increase
the chance of accomplishing a goal at sight at the beginning.

6. Personal Ethics.
To be an excellent leader, that leader should posses
what we can call a high standard of personal ethics.
An example of a high standard and common quality of personal ethics is
If a leader is true to his actions based on his ethical ways,
decisions made under pressure and/or temptation
separate the great leaders from the impostors.

7. Calm under Pressure.
A great leader no matter what situation he is facing
should be cool under every situation he is facing.
If he posses a calm attitude towards all his situation,
he would be able to make realistic decisions to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
This character in a leader will inspire confidence in his/her members
and also empowering them to do the same.

8. Caring.
There is a saying that goes...
"People don't care how much you know,
until they know how much you care about them."
The desire to help others succeed along with you is the mark of a truly great leader.
Carrying along a vision where NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND.
In our world,
the product you are expecting depends on how much effort you put in.

So, caring about others around you (being the leader)
will awaken your group to understand
how important is it for them to be caring to you.

Weather you are trying to increase your effectiveness as a leader,
or trying to develop leadership characteristics within your group.
Concentrate on those people(friends or companions) of those you consider
to be great leaders and take them as an example to better yourself
and it doesn't hurt to ask them for guidance.

Remember leadership is an art, not science.

Believe in yourself , and though time A Leader Shall Be Born.

ps: adapted 4 points from sources


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