Monday, May 29, 2006

Help!! need entertaiment

Okie! Holidays Begin!!
haha...let me see where to's a and dad were not home so i was practically in heaven for a day just sleeping and playing games... let me see...wait a.sec....

yea...went to school in d morning although its a holiday...spent time fixing darshana's robot he called the Scorpion.... not bad and it seriously looks like a scorpion..haha!!
well...i started this game that i tought was sucky called Fable (pic up there)
in d end i had to eat my own words coz i got pretty much addicted and i completed the whole game in like 3 days!!
fingers are aching and stuff now...

hmm..its just after dinner time what i picked up the phone to call pizza for my dinner after doin my chores...that includes walking my dog or i could actually say my dog waking me...hahaha!! till d chain i was using broke... where he almost got hit by a car,, to be exact my neighbours car...haha.

any way my day's boring so i got nothing to type i better go now....

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