Friday, May 05, 2006

Medic anyone!? medic?? MEDIC!!!!

1ST OF ALL....sorry guys no photos... no camera with me for a week....hahahah

too tired so let me give it 2 u all in point form...

1. hand still in pain(dog bitten)
2. need a medic! ( hand still pain)
3. cant write (hand pain)
4. homework cant do....(in deep shit)
5. to strong medication ( antibiotics )
6. feeling high (too much medication)
7. ass hurts (injections for d dog bite)
8. money would becoming out of my pocket ( medical fees)
9. have not read newspapers (so un-updated)
10. need to find lasallian singers! (teachers day)
11. feeling thirsty... (going to buy 100+)
12. too tired to continue....(due to medication)

and finally
13. my ass still hurts...

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Info Of the Day : Fun Doesen't Last 4 EVER!! HAHAHHA!!

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