Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday , 20 / May

That was what i first did in d morning....well i think it means its gona be a boring day as it is....always..

kay...i ended up skipping accounts class so i could study addmath in d house... but i need help of finding why!! what !! and how!! in d world am i supposed to "Complete the Square?"

at 1st i was like kay it sounds easy maybe its just like a cube?

Cube Cube Cube???
hmm..." yea!!"
so i got abit high and confused and did this...


so anyway...i am all messed up today
i need help...just a little help... other than that...i am pretty okie....where i was asked to go out by one of my friends from KL . wonder why she asked anyway....

the other details i will put it in point form..

1. Parents not in for d whole day till tomorrow
Reason : attending wedding ceremony
Action : Try *wink wink* to study...

2. Some friends wants some Cash
Reason : Wanna go cyber Cafe
Action : Middle finger Motion.

3. Going to clean room
Reason : Spill a Cup of chinese tea
Action : just stare at it...

4. Do Work and be serious abt it
Reason : add math test on monday
Action : STUDY....after eating...hmm...

5. Feeling Hungry
Reason : Breakfast too light
Action : Call Pizza online... yummy... juz jokin...going pasar malam later

and finaly
6. People behind house shooting crows
Reason : Chopped trees in d area
Action : Cheer Them on!! wooohoo!!

kay...gtg everyone.. study time...

-Ben El Mastionious-

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Ps: last picture has got nothing to do about anything what so ever...

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