Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sleepy solution! hahaha :P

Me at 11.35 waiting for a call....:P
Me at 12.10...fallen asleep...hahaha!
don't worry ______ i am okie with it....
Hey everyone!
my day started out pretty good… as usual gone to school done stuff…came back…not much difference…but just a slight worry crawls on my back… got some really evil feeling that there would be problems..
NO! it did not come….
And that’s just weird..
Coz bad things always happen to me.. its like a tradition …haha!

Anyway got back from school and waited for mom to take me to the bank to deposit Dad’s check! Donno why but I am addicted to the little touch screen!! Hahaha!

After that got home just in time where koo came over to watch some videos! Haha we watched Blackadder! Hahaha it kicks ass!! Yea!! Hahaha
Its was like Mushrooms? Or toilet paper?

Anyway attended prassad and eventually saw all my friends…come together at one place to actually loose IQ…hahaha too many math sums are bad… cranks up d mind….. really seriously..

What I still remember is that x/a+y/b=1
That’s all….hahaha
Anyway now just bored…thinking of my sis weather is she’s coming back to Malaysia this august? Haha…please do!! Hahah… I am bored here!! Hahah..

Kay la people…no comments today la… and yea post some topics for me to talk about I am bored shit!! Help!
-Devenir la Luminere-

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Ps: I need info on l*l**a* help!! Its like a project!

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