Friday, April 25, 2008

~Being Tagged... 0_0

Hey everyone!
well... i've got tagged by Kristine!
*gives her a stick*

well honestly i don't really like doing tag's hahahaha!
cause most of the work is repeated!
anyway... since i'm on college ground..
lets begin!

Tag: I am it now!
Five Things In Within a 1-meter Radius Of Me Now :
1. My bag
2. My Diary
3. My Phone
4. My Wallet
5. A Spy... hahaha (he's behind me)

Five Things Always Found In My Bag: (BeN ~ when i do carry one la)
1. To-do list
2. Pens =D

3. Keys
4. Swiss Army Knife
5. Pair of pliers

Five Things Found In My Wallet :

1. Money
2. I.C.
3. Driving License
4. Cards! and lots of it
5. Photos of Stephie and I

Five Favorite Things In My Room :
1. Bed

2. Computer =3
3. Pillow
4. Comforter
5. My Air-conditioner

Five Things I've Always Wanted To Do :
1. Go on a long road trip.
2. Go Shopping without having the feeling of doubt
3. Have fun with friends
4. Blog for a living
5. Relax for a really long time with close friends on an island.... ahhh

Five Favorite Anything's I Own :
1 My Girlfriend =D (Is it something that i own? or have? *giggles*)
2 My Car

3 My Phone
4 My Ipod
5 My Wallet

Five Places I Want To Go :

1 Europe (Paris,France)
2 North America (California,USA)
3 Oceania (Sydney,Australia)
4 Oceania (Auckland,New Zealand)
5 Local (Langkawi Island,Redang Island,Tioman Island)

Five Favourite Food Chains :
1 Carl's Jr
2 Subway
4 Mc Donalds
5 Big Apple
Five Favourite Movies :
1 Transformers
2 Titanic
3 The Kingdom
4 I am Legend (the dog dies... waaaa)
5 300

Five Favourite Songs :
Uncountable! hahhaha so i've got no top 5!

Five Hobbies :
1 Does Dating Count?
2 Blogging
3 Driving Around
4 Playing Hand Ball
5 Hanging out with friends

Five Things I'm Currently Into :
1 *whispers*
2 *growls*
3 *snores*
4 *mumbles words out*
5 sleep..
Five Presents I Really Want :
1 i loaded bank account!
2 nothing
4 nothing
5 nothing

The Person Who Tagged Me Is :
My Five Impressions of Him/Her :
1 Good Friend
2 When the time comes she might just knock some sense into ya
3 Simple
4 Loves Spending...(when funds are available)
5 *i'm not telling the last one... you've gotta ask me personally*

The Most Memorable Thing He/She Has Done For Me :
Making me Realize a few mistakes i've been making! eek!

Five People I Tag : you're it now. =D
I tag everyone!! i've no idea who to tag...hahaha

Okay everyone...
i better make my move... can't spend too much time on the pc...
gotta go get things done...hahaha

ps: A long Post is coming!

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