Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Weeee =3

My Fav Lecturer Mr Aung Min =3

Hey everyone!!
well.. its all pressure for me here...

well.. i'm now at home... just after a really tiring day..
and well...
the next thing on my mind...


i was so sleepy..
that my eyes were attempting to shut while i drove!!

well.. sad to say....
i didn't make it to the bed.!!!
when i was about to sleep mom called
and asked me to drive her
to pick up the car from the paint shop...

u could imagine the look on my face....
lately... i've not been updating due to alot of things in my mind
that were :

1 ) English Presentation
2 ) Exams
3 ) Financial Issues
4 ) Managing time ~ i seriously wish that there were at least 50 hours in a day... think of what we can do!! =D
5 ) Scoring in the tests that passed a few days back..

well... all i could say now is...

*lays on the couch*

~pleased feeling~

Exam Time Table... =/

well.. all the task above are solved
for the one on number 2.. =D

my grades so far are all pretty good... =3 so i'm actually glad.. =3

anyway... alot of you have been asking


well.. its great!

and the facilities are awesome! the labs are cool..
classrooms are like woah! and everything is almost prefect!
EXCEPT for the fact that we might be loosing a hangout spot...

(-_-) ~sigh~

oh well..

we still get to hang out at the 4th floor!!! hahahaha

anyway... The first image when you ever think of a science lab is...
"oh.... square tables... arranged in columns and rows"

well.. our new lab! hahaha
check it out!!
* everyone has their own cabinet and wow.... *

i sneaked in to the new building with some friends from
the A-Levels that wanted to hang out...
and we were making so much of noise until i thought to myself...
" i'm sooo gonna get kicked out of college..."

anyway... i think i'll update till here....
got loads of studying to do...

take care everyone!!


PS: photos of Sandra , Stephie and I going out =3

* That's what i wore for my presentation! *

*the fishy returns*

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