Friday, April 04, 2008

Guys = Men ... Feeling Secure?

Hey everyone... again..
another topic that is given by my close friend..
and well he was asking me about it..
and i thought well its a good topic to be posted..

so read through everyone.

Most of the men look strong on the exterior.

At least that is what they want to convey.
It is inherited and socially accepted
that man should be strong and the protector.
Despite what women believe and do,
men do not want to change this.

No man will accept a situation that makes him
the non-dominant partner willingly.

How about feeling secure in love?
Exterior appearances apart,
as a man,
are you secure about your partner?
Are you sure that she will not leave you?
Are you sure that she loves and cares for you?
Are you sure that she will not leave you even if you fall on bad times?
When you ask these questions,
that may tell you about your love relationship.
A secure lover is not troubled by small hurts.
A secure lover does not necessarily do everything to please his partner.
A secure lover will make his personality grow in all the directions
and will not be focused only on his lady love.
That problem appears sometimes when the lady is a great looker.
Men are then worried that she may be wooed by others.
Small incidents bring out jealousy in them.
Even otherwise, many men do not have high self-esteem and
therefore are worried about their love life.
They are not sure about their love.
Like the fear of losing the job,
they also harbor the fear of losing the lover.
This insecurity makes them behave in different ways
that may be all destructive in the end.

A secure lover knows that he is worthy of the love he is getting.
He knows that he is caring enough towards his lady love.
He knows that despite small frictions, the life will go on peacefully.
This feeling of security is a big reward in life.

It's alittle hard to understand what i wrote..
I wrote it straight to the point


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