Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Soh =D

Hey everyone! its a saturday nite! and yup...
its Yew Chong's Belated Birthday Party!

yup yup...
i feel all the pressure...
exams here!

oh well..
i got ready as usual... and headed off to find his house!!!
and believe it everyone!!

I as a guy from Klang ...

yup... i've lost my way... but when i reached there...
it was confirmed that i passed the house 3 times...
speaking of blindness!


Yew Chong's bday was really fun!
got the chance to meet up with old buddies
and get back to times where we used to
kick ass!

anyway... here's some photos everyone! =3

*getting ready*
Kok Hooi ,Yeoh , Luvain and Me!
Chew , Lee , Myself and Timmy!
Kok Hooi , Luvain & I
Eik Hoong and me!
Alexander and I =3
Lyn & I *yesh... i'm still taller...hahaha*
marc , gan , hooi and me..
Ainsley and I *he's still tries*
Robin =3
Marcus & I
Calvin & I
his Cake!! =D *Drools*

HaPpY bIrThDaY BoY =3

seeya Guys =3


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Kar Hing said...

OMG your photo caption - it's Choo, not Chew!