Wednesday, April 16, 2008

~Just Coz the Udang said so....~

*an old photo of me from the past*

Hey everyone!
well... it was a Tuesday!

and yesh it was an exam day...
my paper is at 4 pm but i headed off to college about...

Engineering Mathematics 1
6am so that i could get a good parking spot!
*laughs in joy*

at college

The FIRST thing i did was to pick up my daily sun newspaper..hahaha
the first thing i saw was!!!

Mr Ketam!

Najib's Thoughts : I love Ketam... =3
I'll make my trip to pulau Ketam soon!

That blur look on his face would actually
make a really good competitor against me!!

just when i thought i looked blur enough....


u know... right beside the ketam... there's always another ...

well... its udang... =3

well just take it as a joke la ppl... no need 2 la so serious?!

Prima Menistor : I shall increase fundings in Marine development to get more udang!

Malaysia boleh!
Udang pun Boleh!

lets not go off the topic...

back in college..
i studied from say 7am
till about....
erm erm...
9.30 am

where i met my A-levels friends...
specifically Nigel , Susan , Dickson , Xin , Fei Theng (Nat) ,
and another few guys that i've not got their names yet...(soorry)

after chatting for awhile... i told myself.. i needed a little break..
so i followed them for lunch...
where i headed off to Success (its a stall)
aftter loathing around for awhile...

Nigel , Dickson and Mua headed off to the Internet Cafe!

Nigel here... is my old buddy from school?!

Yup yup... he did what he did best...hahahaha =3

later at about 12 or so... i headed off to
college Main Campus
to continue studying at the Concourse..

on my way back! some unknown couple... came up to me and went...
Ben : *should i answer?* yea...? anything?
Guy : oh! i like ur blog post!
Ben : huh? which one?
Guy : the one on Relationships...
Ben : *really shocked*
Couple : can ambil quick gambar? i want to update my blog...
Ben : ? oh okay....?
Couple : bye....
Ben : *left in blurness*

they didn't even tell me their blog address!
if u read this! tell me ur blog address!!

anyway... i headed back on my little walk back to college...=D
Reaching the usual booth i hang out at...
i was wondering why agnes was staring
at the news paper freakishly close to her eyes!!

so i went :-

Ben : arlooo!
Agnes : heh -heh hi...
B: watcha doing?
A : shhh... seein things!
B : *right....* stares....
A : argh!! can't seee la!!
*Andrew came along... *
An : can see? got 2 birds there la!!
B: let me see! *stares at paper* i don't see shiv!
A : lol
An : got la!! focus here! *points*
B : ohhhh!!! i seee!!!

Then everyone tried it...hahahaha
as it everyone *TRIED...* BUT FAILED.....

its weird how only a few ppl could see it...=3

*kim trying desperately hard to see it*

anyway... i studied from 12 all the way to about 3.30 pm...
where 30 minutes to go!!
and well..
i felt kinda good about it...hahahaha
exam started!

my heart was going insane like some sewage pump! hahahaha

but guess what!!

the test



hahaha... i was really afraid it would be too hard ...
but i could do most of it...=3

i got outta the room at about 6.20?

and well..
it was raining terribly heavy!
so i went... *oh damn *

wait a little....

saw victor sleeping while studying!
Smart Feller....
btw... He's Kim's boyfriend! =D


45 MINUTES....

I have clearly concluded that the rain ini subang is totally weird....
make that...

the WEATHER IN SUBANG is totally weird...

extremely hot in the afternoons... and raining like there's no tomorrow in the evenings...

ah.... i took some news paper and cover my head while i walked to my car slowly...=3

and yesh... i got stuck in the Traffic Jam!!

20 minutes later......

*head banging*
*just be patient*

anyway... i reached home 20 minutes after this photos...

awesome day!

take care everyone!!


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