Thursday, April 10, 2008

A lifetime of Hope...

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In today’s world,
to talk of a relationship
that will last a lifetime looks a little out of place. Most of the marriages are ending with divorces andsomehow all people are losing the faith that their relationship will last till they die. This is more with the younger generation and life certainly suffers with repeated breakdowns of relationships. No break-up leaves a good taste in the mouth and it is emotionally damaging.

How to still achieve a relationship for a lifetime?

The beginning should be made with your mate. Choose your mate after carefully thinking about all the factors. Let head and heart both participate in this process. Once both of you are sure that you have much in common and love each other, go ahead and marry. Sit down and tell each other that come what may, you will try and make your relationship for a lifetime. Give this sacred commitment to each other. Tell each other that if any of you feels anything going wrong, you will sort out the issue before it can damage. Always try the best you can and understand each other.

Tell each other that during your coming years, both of you will meet much better specimens than the one you are married to. But that is unending and no such person will ever lure you away from each other. Tell each other that at times, you will face a communication breakdown, but you will rebuild the bridges and communicate again in a positive way. Tell each other that at times, you will hate each other. You will call each other cruel. Your other problems will also affect your marital life, but you shall not give up.

Tell each other that you will love each other forever and not allow anything or anybody to break the relationship. Your relationship will give you joy, and not a break-up. That you care for each other today, and you shall do so till you die. Speak about all apprehensions in your mind. Discuss about all possible threats and decide that nothing will make you break. Write it on a piece of paper and whenever you are facing serious trouble, take out that paper and read it again and again. You will make your relationship last for a lifetime.


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Calvin said...

Where did you get your facts?

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

i wrote it all myself..

it just takes some thinking time...


darren said...

wow...amazing post...thinking longer u can write a greater post and touch every1 who read ur post...